Parsnap: The Making of a Logo

Letter Kay was approached to make a logo for a new app for food measurement called Parsnap ( misspelling intended). So, where to start? I begin each logo by first doing research both to understand what the client wants and what's out there. I believe that each client does kind of know how they want their logo to look, it's my job to do the mind reading and figure out how to put their vision on paper. A logo sets the mood for a brand and gives the customer signals about price, quality, brand ethics, and simply what you do. 

Like any logo, I began creating Parsnap with sketches. Those are unfortunately lost given that they often end up on the backs of napkins and scratch paper. I find that sketching saves time and makes you free to think beyond geometric shapes within Illustrator. I then type out the name within Illustrator and play about with typefaces. I am usually looking to find a typeface that has the right mood and quite frankly looks natural with the letters. I then layout my favorite logo options in what I call V1 for the client. V1 becomes V2 and finally the final version after many revisions. 

Below you'll see my different iterations that were delivered to the client before the final. Parsnap is an app, so consideration of the app icon was also part of the design process.