I am currently the design director at a food tech startup called Innit. We have two apps called Innit (cooking app) and Shopwell (shopping app). My role stretches from managing the website development to designing the Shopwell app. I lead a small team of designers and advocate for the best design practices throughout the company. I work with product managers to make improvements to our products based on analytics and results from user testing. My perspective on management and design is that we are are all team players and each one of us have an important role to play in driving the business goals of the company. Good designers must first understand their users before they can design.

I studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design and advertising at the Creative Circus. Before venturing into design, I was a mural painter. My work can be found here.

Please email kay@letterkay.com to get in touch.


Clients include:

Intel, Yahoo!, Google, Trainline, Hipmunk, Location Labs, Je Joue, Deloitte, Survival International, UBS, Fuzzy, Innit, Shopwell


product design ( UI/UX mobile apps, Google Lenslets), logos and identity systems, branded merchandise, web design (concept, wireframes, visuals), illustration systems, infographics, iconography, social media content, loading animations, responsive email templates, online advertising (static and rich banners), printed materials (brochures, business cards, menus)